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Master ASIST Trainer

The statistics show that suicidal behavior is on the rise and communities are becoming increasingly affected and bewildered. While there are many theories of how to best prevent suicide and which intervention is most effective, there are none with more worldwide use than ASIST from LivingWorks.

Since 1985, ASIST has been delivered to over one million caregivers in more than ten countries. Today 5,000 registered trainers deliver ASIST around the world. ASIST is a recognized exemplary program (CDC, 1992), now widely disseminated in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland and the United States. It has been adopted statewide in California, Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, Oregon, Virginia and region/county-wide in Alaska, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas. It is the approved training program for the Army and extensively used by the Air Force. The program has been evaluated by more than 15 independent evaluation studies, including two Ph.D. studies (e.g. Farrell and Maniprize, 1992; Tierney, 1994; Turley and Tanney, 1998; Eggert et al, 1999, MacDonald, 1999; Guttormsen et al, 2003).

Matthew has led more than 500 soldiers and DoD civilians through ASIST. His participation in the year-long training of 85% of the soldiers of Fort Carson, CO has led to a decrease in the suicidal behavior of that post, in comparison to the previous year. SuicideTALK, SafeTALK and ASIST are all LivingWorks programs designed to make our communities safer through capable and competent caregivers.