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On "Moral Injury" by Jonathan Shay, Ph.D.

Dr. Jonathan Shay is a personal Hero of mine. He has adamantly championed the healing of Veterans dealing with the Wounds of War. He calls into question the idea that Post-Traumatic Stress is a "disorder," contending that we are dealing more with an injury, not an illness. In his book, Achilles in Vietnam, Dr. Shay examines the similarities of symptoms that Warriors have dealt with throughout time. When we look at the wounds of war, we are not dealing with a modern concept, but a timeless invisible Enemy that seeks to rob the Warrior of their future, because of their past. For further reading on Dr. Shay:

NY Times Article: "Dr. Jonathan Shay on Returning Veterans and Combat Trauma" (Jan 2008)

'On Being' Article: "Beyond PTSD to Moral Injury" (Mar 2013)

For a glimpse into Dr. Shay's recommendations for a new approach to Moral Injury: