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That Empty Flat Rate Box...

Ideas for what to put in that silly black hole of a box...


If you are like me, sending packages during deployment can be both exciting and perplexing.  Sure, at first, sending the kids' school papers, drawings, and my soldier's favorite snacks fills up that medium flat rate box with ease.  But a couple months in and my mind starts to flood with thoughts of how boring opening this box is going to be if I don't find something more creative to put in it.  As I stare at the bottom of this black hole of pressure, I consider if he would be hurt if I switched just this once to a smaller flat-rate box.  Yep... it's likely.  Time to be creative and this is where we wives do best by helping each other out.  Here are a few of the best ideas we've heard, but let us know what worked for you!

Try a new theme for each box!-  not just holiday themes, try some of these:

  • Comfort- filled with comfort non-perishable foods,
  • Thanksgiving Box:  An Advent Calendar with small wrapped gifts for the countdown, turkey jerky, sweet potato chips, and a miniature christmas tree for miniature ornaments
  • Sensual box- candle, romantic letters and cards, t-shirt with perfume sprayed on it, fill-in the blank teaser story,come on... I can't come up with all of them for you :)
  • Sensory box-  All things for all senses, My husband loved when I gave him a mold of our son's hand, something he could touch to remember how big his hands were, t-shirt or pillowcase with perfume, a small sample of my favorite perfume (to refresh the t-shirt, Sephora will give you a small sample for free!), a video on CD/mp3 that he could hear our voices clearly, etc.
  • US box- all things that they can't get over there- this depends on where he is at and how much access he has to the internet.  For my husband it was raw almonds, our favorite tv shows, toiletries that are hard to find, etc
  • Goal box- What are his independent goals during the deployment?  What can you send to support that goal.  Books, magazines, encouraging cards, motivational pictures, a collage you make to help him stay motivated, etc


Other ideas are books that you are reading together with a journal just for discussing parts of the book.  A couple of good suggestions are

  • Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey for setting financial goals
  • For Women Only, For Men Only


What did your soldier enjoy getting most?  Share some of the things you tried!