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Gaining Perspective

Last May, Matt surprised me by renewing our vows on our 9th anniversary. Some may wonder, "Why the 9th and not the 10th anniversary?" There are a lot of reasons for that, but most importantly we were close to the church where we got married. I was so surprised to get there and find my close family and grandfather ready to witness.



Matt had already written some things down to say and what surprised me the most was this part,
"In nine years, we have lived in 4 (now five) states, lived in 1 apartment, 2 town homes, 2 homes, 1 garage, 1 basement, lived in seven (now eight) cities, and in six cars, we sold one, broke one, and totalled two."

I had never counted! Have we been nomads or what? Although I look back and see God's blessing in every change in our life, it doesn't make the initial adjustments any easier. I feel like I have become an expert of sorts at the art of moving and assimilating into a new town, but it never makes it easier. For us, it takes an average of a year and half to settle in and make friends, a year to get involved in a church, and 2 weeks to unpack the boxes and make it home.

No matter where I've gone, I have found myself looking back and missing things I didn't think I would. It gives you perspective on your current place when you see it is the little things that make your environment feel like home. So here is my random list that I must get out.

I miss:
Saturday trips to Krispy Kreme
A sunday school class that teaches, loves, and lives life with you.
Runs on a cold morning through historic Lexington.
The sound of running horses right before a rain storm
The ten mile run that never seemed quite that far.
Making the decision to run the bear trail in Waco that the third time around that made it nine miles.
The sights of a college campus quad (Waco, Boiling Springs)
A good cup of coffee with a friend prior to children
A half-cold cup of coffee with a friend watching children
Fence-less backyards
Watching rabbits in my backyard in the morning
Driving to my mom's house, just to say hello
The Carousel at the Mall of GA
The Disney store
Being in the same time zone when I need to call someone
Drive-thru Starbucks one mile down either side of my house
Laughing with my cousins
Running with my Dad
Running with my husband before kids
Cramming for that test I knew I would ace
My porch swing in KY
My girl-friends who know me better than I know myself
Loving the wounded
The best steaks (and people) I've ever seen at Diamond Back's in Waco
Coffee houses: Silver Teapot, Coffee Grounds, JT's, BB's, Solomon's Porch, Th local doughnut store in Lexington- I can't remember the name!
Playing my guitar

So to gain perspective this morning:
What makes up for it:
Always being where God wants me
Getting to travel and see so many beautiful places
The mountains
The snow that makes you feel like celebrating Christmas
A healthy church
Two girlfriends here I can call anytime
Beginning purpose here
A beautiful home, that I don't have to fix
A bigger home
Health insurance
Stable income
A security gate
New doughnut shops I just need to find?
Lots of coffee houses
Living in a place everyone wants to come see
Understanding people who want to support you
Neighbors that help each other out with everything from watching kids to moving furniture
Outdoor options year round
The opportunity to stay at home with my kids
The constantly changing skyline
A better marriage than I even could have imagined almost ten years ago.

"We have history" Its a quote from "Story of Us"- Our movie. Sometimes, in our darkest hours, that has kept us together. It is history that you make with someone that creates who you are. Of course God is the main part of it, but when I look back, Matt has been through that whole list with me- I wouldn't want it any other way. I hope that this year, you can celebrate with those around you, your history- pull out your photo album, old love letters, maybe sit and reminisce. You'd be surprised how much history pushes you forward.