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One Month Out

I have had such a wonderful morning. I feel like I celebrated my anniversary and Mother’s day all in one today. There was no huge surprise or anything, its just that your perspective on things change a little when you learn to take each day as it comes instead of waiting for tomorrow.


I used to be really good at forgetting to enjoy the here and now and would always focus on the future. Oh, I was great at setting goals for myself, even delaying changes that I needed to make. But facing your husband and closest friend leaving for a year with minimal contact makes you re-examine what is important. I must admit that I have not loved him like I really should have or wanted too. I think sometimes I just lived out each day and took it for granted. Now that we are preparing for him to leave, I realize how much we love to be around each other, all the things I need him for. I realize that I am at my greatest (and worst) when I am beside him. We fit so well together. This morning we went to our favorite place, Panera, and had coffee… Man I’m gonna miss that. Next we went by the Double Tree to check out the conference room where we will be holding am marriage event next Wednesday for almost 200 people. How strange that not even a year ago we felt limited to administrative tasks, and now people WANT to come to our event. What a gift, I have seen recently how much God designed us to fit together. When we teach, we flow back and forth like one person and I just feel God smiling on us as if we are just now opening a Christmas present he has hidden from us for 30 years. I never realized how much more alive I am when I work with him. Nothing seems to get me through the next year more than trying to serve these families along side of him from a distance. It feels like an intimate purpose that is so brilliant and perfect. When he holds me, I try to take mental note of his warmth, his smile, and the way he hurries about the house cleaning everything before work so that my day is easier. It’s not that I didn’t notice before, its just that I didn’t hold tight to the small stuff, I just assumed he’d always be here. We are so pleased with where we are. We have struggled to get here for so long and it feels great to do this. This morning I found the biggest star jasmine plant I have seen in a long time with trellis at Home Depot. As silly as this sounds to mention, it was a plant I fell in love with the week we got engaged at Hilton Head. Every anniversary we went back I soaked in the sunshine and could smell jasmine all over the island. It’s scent takes me right back there. I had planted in our house back in Georgia and enjoyed it for one summer and didn’t think I would find it out here. Now that I have I can’t wait to enjoy it through the first part of the deployment.


On a side note, Jack has become a tyrant this week. Some kind-of boy switch went off in him and he has tried to destroy anything in his path, including himself I think. Before 9am one morning he had dumped shampoo all over the carpet and then water in Aidan’s bed. He has torn up one of my Bibles, climbed and then jumped off of anything he can think of (regardless of height) and this morning climbed out of his crib, hit the floor, gave a whine, then ran to my room laughing. I am definitely in for it. All the while shouting his new phrase, “Look at me!” actually sounding like “lookame!”
Aidan understands (for the most part) the upcoming change and has been so sweet. He helps me a lot with Jack when he tries to escape out the door or staple himself (which he tried yesterday). I decided to add some of his latest comments I like to call “Aidanisms” that keep us laughing. 

“Mommy, can boys be fairies too?”
After being sent to his room with no dinner for not trying his sloppy joe, and then coming back downstairs-
“Mommy, I cried a little, then I prayed to God about trying my sloppy joe. I think I am ready to try it.” “What happened?” I ask. “Well, I prayed to God about my sloppy joe and asked him to help me tell the truth to the burger.” He tries one bite. “Hmmm. It’s pretty good! But I think I’m full, no thanks.”

After seeing Ann Curry from the Today show interview the Dalai lama, "Hey Mom, he has a Snuggie, can I have one?"

"Mommy, I really want a super baby brother". I said, "I think both you and Jack are pretty super."
He replied, "Well, I do have a baby brother, but he’s not so super, can I have another one ?"