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Move to Savannah

I figured it was about time to update everyone on our move. I know that the grandparents are especially curious as to the adjustment and progress of our transition. Its been a month since our house in lovely Colorado was packed up. Since then, we have lived in 11 different places.



I know that sounds extreme and it wasn't planned that way originally. We actually planned to stop and see two friends on our way to Savannah making our trip just one week. However, we were ordered to Fort Stewart and the housing on post is building new homes (very similar to what we had before) and they will not be ready until the end of the summer. It will definitely be worth the wait, even though we have moments when we question that along with our sanity. If we move in now we will lose significant square footage and what we know we can expect from the newer housing. 
So, during a wonderful stay in Kentucky and reconnecting with our family away from family, we went to our church home there in Lexington. It was an amazing, worship filled morning that included great music and the reminder of what God designed life giving community to do for your soul. Matt and I both felt the Lord affirm where we were going and our call to the military. When we left the church there in 2006, we felt God say it was time to GO, and so we did. We had no idea that would be our first step to saying yes to the military. His affirmation was that we are still being SENT, and to be thankful that He is still using us. 
We then spent some much needed peaceful time in the mountains of North Carolina with some other fantastic friends. There we began to settle in to the civilian world again while we reconnected, another reminder that He is present in community. We have felt so loved, and served during our visits- something we didn't realize that we needed. Something God anticipated before we could.
Since our housing was no where close to being ready and Matt had a little time before signing in, we stopped in to see family and a short vacation in Hilton Head. Considering we would be in a hotel anyways, we stayed at Hilton Head for an additional week with friends who were vacationing there. After that, the vacation was over and it was time to get back into the mindset of the move.
The climate has been more than hot and the humidity is, well, smarmy to say the least. The trees are huge compared to Colorado, droopy and somewhat creepy with the moss that is so familiar to Savannah, but beautiful in its own way. I am enjoying the daily thunderstorms that seem to creep up each day, as the tall trees hide the sky. 
We are staying in the on post lodging at Hunter (40 minutes from Stewart) because it has a bigger room (two separate bedrooms). It is somewhat inconvenient to commute to Stewart, but it is the best option for us currently. We have found an apartment to stay in for the summer that is out in the country that would still be the same commute, but is located over a very nice detached garage on a personal piece of property. The owners have two boys themselves and are giving us full use of their swimming pool and trampoline. Definitely a good move for us, pending no other finds, to use for the summer.
We have raced around for days registering the boys into the Ft Stewart system, updating immunizations (much to Jack's disappointment), and registered them both for school in the fall. The new neighborhood is looking great and is literally across the street from the school. And we can tell they have made improvements since 2008 when we moved into almost the same housing in Colorado. I can't tell you how excited we are to have a home again, but the amazing flexibility and resilience of the boys seem to offer no excuse for us grown ups to complain. We have pushed through many moments of frustration, fatigue, and confusion as we have been bounced all over the place trying to get things done, check boxes, and attempt clear communication. Of course, according to house-keeping- this is a special characteristic of Savannah that you never get the full story, only what you ask for- so expect to never have all the information and be redirected constantly. I'm not sure how much that is isolated just to Savannah, but it makes me feel a little better in the moment.
Lessons learned: Don't plan such a long PCS if you can help it. If you organize your receipts in a nifty organizer, make the effort to organize where the organizer will go so you don't lose it on the second day. 
A few blessings, or what I like to call small gifts (similar to God's provision during the deployment) were a sweet veteran in his golf cart who drove me and the boys to our car at the Hospital after Aidan fell and skinned his knees, a patient advocate who walked me into a clinic and got the boys screened for school when I should have had to make appointments, and the sweet housekeeping lady who has worked with us by letting Todd out of his kennel when she finishes cleaning or understands when we don't need it even though the hotel wants to have it cleaned daily. I also met a great woman who in military-wife fashion has been so helpful to offer us any help we might need. It's the small things! A Fresh market down the street, much better seafood, great lifeguards at the pool, and access to the gym to feed the one thing I do have control of.
We are filling the time with swimming when possible, having food network food challenge evenings, and are looking forward to a weekend sightseeing in Savannah and celebrating the 4th on-post. 
I know that's a lot, but someone out there cares, and it gives my introverted-ness a chance to recharge as I type all that out and process it out of my head. It is my hope that we are able to spend some time refocusing during our quiet moments and seek God's desire to prepare us for a new place, same calling. To humble us of our successes before, and rely on Him and His timing as we "start again". He is such a good God, and cares for us, revealing His steps in front of us, all the while reminding us that he would not want us to worry, fail, or not feel thought of or cared for. Instead, He has anticipated our every need, provides hints of our little wants, and I feel has gifted His Spirit of peace upon our children- reminding us that the calling on our life will not harm our children and is in fact part of his plan to mature their walk as well.