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Marriage Retreat Teaching Resources

If you were able to attend our most recent marriage retreat, we talked about using the Awareness Wheel.  This is a tool that is effective for those who are ready for the next level of communication.  Being able to talk (or listen) to your partner as they become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, sensory data coming in from the outside world, as well as wants- can make huge improvements!  Practice through talking out your thoughts when making important decisions, talking through a complicated or sensitive topic, or needing to slow down a conflict.









Shaunti Feldhan, introduces her latest research on Secrets of Highly Happy Couples.  In this PDF we spent a lot of discussion time with couples on our marriage retreat about how they could incoporate some of these dramatic findings in their marriage.  In this document, you are able to see what Highly Happy Couples do when arguing late at night, how they feel about their partner, as well as what keeps them... well... happy!












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 Our classic Marriage retreat introduced material from Shaunti Felhan's book: For Women Only, For Men Only, as well as Love and Respect, and Strong Bonds' Speaker Listener Tool for communication.